About Site Manager

Site manager is the tool that lets you edit the content of your site. 

There are two ways you can use Site Manager
1. Quick Edit Mode

  • Click a link on your site to get into Quick Edit Mode
  • Make the changes you want and save.  That's it!

2. Administrator Mode

  • Use Administrator Mode to add new content, re-arrange content on a page, or add a whole new page.
How it Works
Each page of your site is based on a structure that is usually the same on every page.  It includes the banner at the top of the page, the menus, footer, and possibly other elements.  

Within that structure, each page has its own content, made up of one or more sections called "articles". 
Most of the time, an article will have a title, that will be formatted appropriately.

The illustration shows an earlier version of this page.  The first article doesn't have a title.

At the end of each article is an editing trigger - a link that you click to edit that article.

Site Manager Security

When you go into Site Manager, whether Quick Edit or Administrator Mode, you'll need to log in.  You will stay logged in until you close your browser or turn off your computer.  You won't have to log in each time you want to change something.

If you ever notice changes to your site that you did not make, please contact Bayberry Lane Designs immediately.  You can call us at 613-756-2580 or send an email.

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