Work with Articles

Articles List
When you choose Work with Articles from the menu in Administrator Mode, it brings up the Articles List.  The list includes all the articles that make up your website.

To start, the list is sorted by date - the most recently edited articles are at the top of the list.  There are links at the top of the list so you can sort it by Title or ID Number.

The Articles List shows just about everything there is to know about an article - except for the actual content.

The Pages section of each article's entry shows the pages where the article is displayed, and the order number of the article on that page.
A checkmark represents one page where the article is displayed.  An X represents one page where the article is placed, but hidden.  This placement is not visible to your site visitors.

The colour of the Pages area indicates the number of visible placements the article has - so you can quickly see which articles are displayed and where. 
Orange = 0 placements visible
Green = 1 placement visible
Blue = 2 placements visible
Purple = 3 or more placements visible

If the article has no title, the Articles List will show it with three dots in place of a title.  Be sure to put a note on any article that has no title - so you can find it in the list.

Click the Display button to show the content of the article.
Click the Edit button to change the article.
When you edit and save an article, its title is highlighted with a green background.  The green background stays in place until you refresh or reload the list. 
To refresh the list, click "Work with Articles" in the menu.  Now the most recently-edited articles go to the top of the list.
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