Managing Documents


Updated: Aug 31 14
 Created: Aug 31 14

Documents are pdf files. You can make a page that is a list of documents.  When you click on a document's title in the list, the document itself will be displayed.  This kind of list can be used for meeting minutes, newsletters, or other .pdf files.

Documents are searchable, so people will be able to find information in them.

You will also be able attach a document to an article, just like you can attach an image to an article.  


The Documents List

Updated: Dec 02 14
 Created: Aug 31 14

Log in and choose Documents from the Admin Menu.  Here's the screen you'll get.

At the top of the page is a Home link to take you back to the website.  The menu deals with management of Documents and Gallery Images.

All the documents you've uploaded are listed on the left side.  There's an Edit button for each document, and there's one New Document button.  On the right side you can see all the document pages in your system.

Documents Pages

Updated: Apr 26 16
 Created: Sep 07 14

Your documents will be organized on pages. Each page is a category like 2014 Minutes, 2013 Bylaws, and such.

From the menu choose Work with Document Pages.

Now the screen shows a list of Document Pages on the left.

The Document Page form

Page Title: Displays at the top of the page and in lists of pages

Tagline: Displays on the page below the title and in lists of pages. Tagline is optional.

Page Number: Set the Page Number to 10 - or to zero if you want to hide the page. Page numbers have no effect on document pages at this time.

Menu Page: If you want an item in the main menu (or another menu) to point to this list of documents, put the code of that menu item here. To find the code of a page, use List All Pages in the Admin menu.

Documents Form

Updated: Dec 02 14
 Created: Dec 02 14

When you create a new document, you can upload it from the New Document form, or choose it from documents already uploaded.

Document Title:  Your site will be tidier if you use a consistent pattern to title your documents.

Note:  Not used at this time

Upload a new document:  Click Choose File to select a .pdf file from your computer.

Choose a document already uploaded:  This list shows all the files in the documents folder on the server.

Page:  Chose the page you want this document to go on.

Number:  Leave this blank to put the document at the bottom of the page you chose.  You can fill in this field if you want to manually place the document on the page.  You can re-arrange documents on the page later.


Layout of Documents on Pages

Updated: Dec 02 14
 Created: Dec 02 14

Choose Work with Documents from the menu.  On the top right of the screen there is a list of your document pages.  Choose the page you want to lay out.

Drag documents to change their order.  You can also drag a document from the left side of the screen to place it on this page.

Click Save this Layout to save, or click Cancel to go back without saving.

Documents in an Article

Updated: Mar 07 16
 Created: Feb 18 15

In the Documents List, upload the document you want to include in the article. You don't have to put it on a page. Or, if it's already been uploaded, find it in the list. Click the Edit button for that document, to display its information in the right-hand side of the screen.

In the edit screen, copy the filename of the document from the "For links copy this" line. Include the "files4docs" part at the beginning and the ".pdf" part at the end.

Updated: Feb 18 15
 Created: Feb 18 15

In your article, type the text you want to link to the document and highlight that text.

Click the Link button in the toolbar.

In the Link dialog, paste the filename into the URL field. Make sure you have no spaces at the beginning of the filename or at the end.

Change the Protocol (to the left of the URL) to Other.

If you want the document to open in a normal window, so the visitor will use the Back button to return to the article, just click OK and continue with editing your article.

Updated: Feb 18 15
 Created: Feb 18 15

If you want the document to open in a popup, click the Advanced tab in the Link dialogue.

In the Stylesheet classes field type popup

Click OK

When you save the article, your link will open the document.