Managing Pages

List All Pages

Updated: Nov 28 14
 Created: Nov 27 14

Screenshot of List All Pages

Pages are organized in levels, which are reflected in the menus.  Here you can see the Main Menu and the Home, Council, and Departments pages within it.  Those pages are at the first level of the Main Menu and visible at all times.

Within Council and Departments there are pages at a lower level.  This is indicated by the down-pointing arrow beside them.  The lower-level pages are displayed when you click Council or Departments.  

Council and Departments are called parent pages and the lower-level ones are called child pages.  Parent pages don't have any content - you can't go to them.  They are just there to contain the child pages.

Order Number and Order of Pages

Notice that the number to the right of the page title (but still in the blue area) reflects the order of pages in the menu.  Child pages are numbered to reflect their order under their parent.

A zero order number indicates that the page is not displayed.  It might be "temporarily out of service" or it might be a page that is only needed for part of the time, information about Christmas activities, for example.

We number the pages by ten's so we have room to insert pages between two existing pages if necessary.  In this example, Fire Department was inserted after Waste Management and Public Works, so it was given number 35 to insert it between 30 and 40.

Add a Page

Updated: Nov 28 14
 Created: Nov 27 14

Using List All Pages and the menus, figure out where you want the new page to go.  What will be its parent page, or will it go on the Top Menu level.  Note the parent and the numerical order this new page should have.  

From the Admin Menu, choose New Page.

The Add a New Content Page Form

Page Title: This title displays in the menu and at the top of the page.

Page Tagline: Put a tagline here if you want to title on the page to be different from the title in the menu.  For example, the Home page's title in the menu us usually Home.  But on the page itself, the title is something like Welcome to Our Website.  If no tagline is entered, the same title is displayed on the page as in the menu.  If you want to hide the page title, put several spaces in the tagline.

Page Code: Each page has a unique code that is used to access that page.  The code should be simple, contain no spaces (a hyphen is okay), and all lower-case.

Order Number:  This number determines the order of pages, as explained above.

Parent:  Select a parent for this page.  If the page is to be on the Main Menu, choose Main Menu from the list.

Change a Page

Updated: Nov 29 14
 Created: Nov 29 14

To change a page's title or tagline, or the order in which it appears, choose Edit Page Properties from the Admin menu.