Site Manager Demo

Updated: Oct 21 14
 Created: Jan 01 70

We'll have a demo of Site Manager ready soon.
Call or email us for more information.

Bayberry Lane Site Manager

Updated: Nov 24 10
 Created: Jan 01 70

Bayberry Lane Site Manager is a suite of utilities that let you update your website yourself.  You can edit the content of a page with the Content Management component, display and organize pictures with the Photo Gallery, or show upcoming events with Events Calendar.
Site Manager is easy to use.  But if you have difficulties, help is available by phone.

Content Management

Updated: Nov 25 10
 Created: Jan 01 70

Content Management means that you can make changes to your site yourself.  Most people like to be able to change the wording or even the pictures on their site. 
Site Manager uses an editor that works much like a word processor.  You can change information, of course; and you can add links or photos too.

Photo Gallery

Updated: Nov 24 12
 Created: Jan 01 70

With Photo Gallery you can have one page of photos or many.
Here are links to a couple of examples
Linda Sorensen Recent Work
Kodiak Construction Photo Gallery

With Photo Gallery you can make new pages, put captions on pictures, and re-arrange pictures on a page.  It takes care of uploading your pictures, and makes sure they are sized properly - so your photo pages load quickly.

Events Calendar

Updated: Nov 25 10
 Created: Jan 01 70

Events Calendar is an easy-to-manage calendar where you can display events, meetings, bookings, workshops - whatever.
Here is an example.
Township of Killaloe-Hagarty-Richards